Chattanooga DSA

The DSA logo colorized: A red rose, and underneath it two hands clasped in a handshake, one brown hand and one white hand.

Democratic Socialists


In analyzing the situation here in Chattanooga, TN, we have found that there is a lack of institutional power that is answerable to the broader population, and most power is wrapped up in and around a few groups of wealthy people.

To build up people power, Chattanooga DSA has decided to focus on mutual aid actions aiming to find a place where we can build community power parallel to the current power structure.

Previous Actions

DSA Taillight Clinic

Because a broken taillight can be a derailing life event when a person is pulled over by the police and lacks the means to deal with the issue, we went to a gentrifying, targeted neighborhood and offered to replace taillights for free for the community. This action was inspired by the New Orleans DSA chapter.